The Weekday Avoda
Four Atahs13 RequestsSpecial RequestsAcknowledgmentsBefore Confession
My Lord! My lips will open.
My mouth to tell your tales.

1. You Are God. Our God. God of our ancestors. God of Avraham. God of Ytzhak. God of Ya’aqov. [Some say: God of Sara. God of Rvqa. God of Rahel. God of Leah.] The God. The Strong. The Mighty. The Awesome. Supernal God. Rewarding good kindness. Owner of all. Recalling the types of piety. Who Makes possible the redemption of the children and grandchildren: In consideration of this? Your Name1 is Love.
[During the 10 Days Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur: Remember us for life! From You Who desires life. Inscribe us in the Book of Life. Based on what consideration? You Are The Living God!]

From You is all help, and salvation and defense. You Are God! My Shield.

2. You Are Strong. Eternal God. You Enliven the dead. Abundance! Salvation!

Summer: The dew descends. Winter: The winds return, the rains fall.

An economy for the living. Enlivening the dead is a great mercy. Supporting the fallen. Healing the ill. Permitting what we never before thought possible. Upholding faith when we sleep in the dust. Who compares to the Master of Strengths. Who is like You? You Enliven the dead from salvation’s growth.

During the 10 Days Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur:
Who is like the Master of Mercy? A merciful life is given to Your Creation.
It is certain you restore the dead. You Are God. You Enliven the dead.
We will sanctify You. We will be exposed, as is the foundation of the divine conversation taking place among the holy searaphim. Three times they repeat Your Holiness, as it is written by the hand of Your Prophet and called out by each to the other as it says:
They confront one another with praises and say: Blessing! Glory! God is God’s Place!
And among the Holy Matters written it is recounted: God will rule eternally. Your God, Tzion, from one generation to another.

3. You Are Holy. You Are named “Holy”. The Holy among us very day express serenity and gratitude to You. Sela. Why? Because You Are God! From You derives greatness. holiness, You Are Holy. You Are God, the Holy God.

4. You Are Grace.  Humanity has Your Warrant to know, to learn, for humans understand. Our warrant from you includes wisdom and understanding forming an apex with daat applied knowledge. You Are God. You Bestow the applied knowledge.

5. Return Us To Torah Dear God! Return us to Your Instruction. Service to you brings us close again to Godliness. Let our t’shuva become rehearsed and practised, a complete circuit surrounding You. You Are God. You Want our return.

6. Pardon us! Forgive us! Our Parent, our Monarch! We sin. We transgress. But… You Pardon because “God” means “Good”. You Are God. Your Many Graces include pardon.

7. Vision Empower us to see our affliction, settle our turmoil, immediately redeem us completely. Godliness models redemption and strength. You Are God. Israel’s Champion.

The Prayer Leader adds this during a public fast: Dear God! It is spiritually axiomatic that You Are always there. It is human nature to take this for granted. Oftentimes we do not serve you by serving each other appropriately. There are also times when we find ourselves in extreme distress as a community; we currently face such a crisis. Perhaps in distant times we can look back and analyse reasons for our present predicament; perhaps. These are current events, not history; we can respond but we cannot understand. Help us! We need Your Mercy now more than ever! You Are God! You Answer Israel at the time of our distress.

8. Healing Heal us! We will heal! Save us! We will be saved! Because we praise you? No, because You Cause complete healing of all which afflicts us. Because You Are the Merciful Master Healer in Whom we have faith. You Are God. You Heal Your people, all those who wrestle with You.

9. Transformative Time A fine time upon us, Dear God, is this season and he variations it brings, all good: In summer it brings abundant blessing; in winter it brings forth dew and sustaining rain. The Land is restored and replenished. Each season imposes a rhythm to ensure our benefit through Your Benevolence. You Are God. Bless this year.

10. Hearing Our freedom is announced by the Great Shofar! A miracle! So many gathered together so quickly from the Earth’s four corners to Our Land! You Are God. Even the remote among Israel have been gathered By You.

11. Discernment. Bring us back to the old ways of discerning judgement. Remove from us grief and despair. Establish Your governance now, You Alone, in kindness and mercy; our righteous behaviour shall become based on righteousness and justice. You Are God. From You is righteousness and justice. [During the 10 days between RH and YK: You Rule Justly.]

12. Uprooting Evil Some among us are hopeless: Those who spread lies and stories! Others dissent in ways that separate them completely from us. Your People also have enemies. Cut them all off. Uproot these scoundrels now, minimise and then completely deny their influence. You Are God. Break our enemies and overcome them.

13. Righteous Leadership. The righteous, the pious, the elders at the gate, the remnant of the the Sofrim and the righteous among the nations who have joined our community each deserve Your Compassion and just reward for the choices they have made to sanctify Your Name. Reserve for each a special reward. Give each a special portion. You Are God. Now is the time of the Righteous.

14. A Seat of Government. Yerusha’la’yim is Your City. Return mercy to it. In its midst establish Your Word; within it, build anew and eternally David’s Throne and re-establish Your Servant therein. You Are God. Your Rebuild Yerusha’la’yim.

15. David’s Reign. Regrow the shoots of the Davidic seed that we may again be governed by Your Servant. You Are God. Salvation’s line flourishes and grows.

16. Hear Our Prayers. Master of Mercy! Hear our prayers, Dear God, sympathize and suspend Judgement upon us. Receive our pleas and Act upon our prayers, the prayers of Your People, Israel. You Are God. You Hear prayer.

17. Divine Service. Divine Will is within Your Nation, Israel; their prayer? Consider it as timely as the service of the Temple and restore the service before the D’vir. And the Fire Offerings of Israel? Their prayers, even those in haste, are of love. Receive them and heir prayers with Favour and may this be always be so. May we see Your Return to Tzion.

Recite this during Rosh Hodesh & Hol Ha’mo’ed:
Dear God! Our God. The God of our ancestors. Let us ascend and come. Our memories precede us and the memories of our ancestors, our tradition of the Mashiah Ben-David, Your Servant, our history of Yerusha’la’yim Your Holy City, and our cherished status as Your Nation, Beth Israel. Let what remnnt of good, grace, kindness and mercy we possess stand before You as arbiters of our good lives on this…

New Moon Festive Day | Festival of Matzot | Festival of Sukot

Remember us, dear God, and may it be well for us (Cong. “Amen”). May we be ransomed by our blessings (Cong. “Amen”). May we be saved by the good lives we lead (Cong. “Amen”). And with respect to salvation and compassion: Show us compassion and grace.
You Are God, always Present to Tzion.

18. Admission

Said during the Repetition of the Amida

We admit ourselves to you. Grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out a hand for help, grant that our hands will always be there. For that I am responsible. We admit ourselves to you to do with us as you will. Relieve us of the burden of self that we may better do Your Will. Take away our difficulties that victory over them show those we could help of Your Power, Your Love and Your Way of Life.


For the miracles, the liberation, the great events and victories. For the wars waged on our behalf. These were for our ancestors in their days and for us in ours.

It was in the time of Matit’yahu Ben Yohanon, the High Priest, Ha’shmoni, and his sons. The Hellenists and their wicked associates confronted Your Nation and attempted to force them to forget Your Instruction and to set them apart from Your Laws. It soon happaned that You Stood Up to them and for us. The strong were weakened, a tyrrany of the majority was rejected, the tainted offering was replaced by the acceptable, the righteous overcame invidious, sacrilege was replaced by true acts of devotion. So much happened, all brought about by Your Will. Your Nation was victorious and liberated. Your House and all it contained was restored. The kindled lights in Your Holy Courts shone forth once again. And thus these eight days of rededication to Your Great Name. It happened in the days of Mordekh’I and Ester. It was in the Capitol City, in Shushan, that Haman The wicked gained influence and sought genocide against the Jews: The young, the aged, man, woman and child, all on the single day of Adar 13, to plunder and despoil. You Frustrated the plan, Your Mercies disrupted such perversity, and Haman was hanged on his own gallows, he and his sons with him.

And for all this we are at a loss for words. Our gratitude is eternal. [Between RH & YK: Inscribe all members of our covenant for a good life.] As long as life exists we gratefully acknowledge You, sela! Yet there are so many great truths to share: The Saving God, the Helping God, sela! The Good God. You Are God. “Beneficial” is Your Name and gratitude is all we can offer.


The Prayer Leader says: Our God. God of our ancestors. We are blessed by the three-fold blessing of The Torah, written by Your Servant Moshe’s hand, and announced by his brother Aharon and his sons, the Kohanim, a Holy Clan, who said:


19. Integration Let peace, benefit, blessing, life, grace, kindness, and mercy be upon us and upon all Israel, Your Nation. Bless us all, as one, with the Light of Your Face. Fom this derives Life’s Instructions, love and pious kindness, tzedaqa and blessing, mercy and life’s many facets, peace – and all the many beneficial things with which You Bless us completely, Your People Israel, in every time, in every place.
[During the 10 Days: In the Book of Life: Blessing and peace, livelihood and benefit, well-established boundaries, pleasures, salvations – for us and the entire People Israel, Your Nation, for life and goodness and peace.] You Are God. You Bless Your Nation, Israel, with peace.

May it be Your Will that what I have spoken flows logically from my heart before You, Dear God, my Rock and Redeemer. Dear God! Quiet my soul to those who would curse me. Quiet my soul to all whom I would curse. Make of peace in Heaven: Make peace upon us and upon all who struggle with You and let us say: Amén.


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